3 Headlines You Missed From NBA All Star Weekend


3 Headlines You Missed From NBA All Star Weekend

With all of the interviews and action surrounding the NBA All-Star weekend, we break down the biggest and most influential news of the weekend here.

Westbrook v. Embiid Feud Continues

Russell Westbrook and Joel Embiid are set to be teammates on Sunday night in the All-Star game, but that wasn’t enough to make up for the love lost between these two. When asked if he will get along with Embiid during the game, Westbrook answered with a quick, “Next question”. The two have had a testy relationship over the years, as the Thunder and 76ers have went back and forth in competitive, physical games in the past two seasons.

Embiid downplayed the abrasive relationship between the two, saying that he “doesn’t care” and that he would be willing to “do whatever” during the game. Later, Embiid took to twitter, responding to Westbrook, tweeting, ‘ok……..” make sure to tune into the All Star game to see how this story develops.

LeBron Talks Team Ownership

When asked if he would like to one day own an NBA team, LA Lakers forward LeBron James didn’t shy away from the question. “Ain’t no maybe about it”, stated LeBron, indicating that he has been, and will be looking into the option of owning an NBA team in the future. James went on to explain that the right team will have to have the right location and timing, but that ownership was in his future.

LeBron already has some stake in one professional team, investing around $7 million for a 2% in Liverpool FC, a highly popular soccer club in Liverpool, England. James has proven himself to be a businessman before, so these comments about ownership should not be taken lightly.

Kawhi Leonard Un-enthusiastic Explanation of Toronto

Raptors small forward had very little to say when he was asked about his thoughts on the city of Toronto. Leonard was a man of few words, giving a very dry response, saying,

“It’s great energy out there, The fans come out; they’re very supportive. It’s a great city. There’s a lot to do. It’s just been cold. But, you know, the snow does look nice on days but you just need a jacket to go outside. I’m not used to wearing boots and everything. But as far as the whole city, team, coaching staff, organization, the fans…it’s been great.”

The response was not one that invoked hope for Raptors fans. Leonard is in the last year of his contract, and will be soon making the decision on where he wants to play next season. Although the Raptors have built a strong team around him, Leonard still has yet to commit to staying in Toronto past this season, with his latest response looking like more of in indication that he may be leaving.