2019 NFL Draft : Top 2 surprise running backs that could be starters in 2019


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2019 NFL Draft : Top 2 surprise running backs that could be starters in 2019  

The running back position is one that is always changing in the NFL. With speed, size, durability, and more to take into consideration, it takes a unique athlete to be able to step up and produce in the big leagues. With such as strong rookie draft class in 2018 that featured backs like Nick Chubb, Sony Michel, and Saquon Barkley, we had to take a look at the running back class of 2019, and see which three backs have the best chance at making a splash for their new team in their first season.

  1. Benny Snell Jr. - Kentucky

When you’re looking for a running back who can get it done in the NFL, you typically look at running backs who were able to get it done in the SEC. Benny Snell Jr. definitely checks that box. The 5’11, 225 lb back has been running over defenses in college football’s best conference for years. Snell spent three seasons at Kentucky, rushing for 3,873 yards and 48 touchdowns in his time. Snell rushed for 1,000+ yards in each of his three seasons, averaging 5.3 yards per carry over his college career.

Snell Jr. has been scouted as a NFL-ready back who can step in and do a job for any NFL team. The physical makeup of Snell sets him apart from most running backs in his draft class. Snell Jr.’s low center of gravity and downhill running style makes him a favorite of many teams who are looking for a physical, durable running back who will always be falling forward. Expect Snell to be picked up anywhere between the late second round to mid-fourth round.

  1. Justice HIll - Oklahoma State

A talented speedster will always have a spot in a NFL team’s lineup, and Justice Hill will likely find his way into the starting lineup of a squad in his rookie season. HIll ran a head-turning 4.40 40-yard dash at the NFL combine in March, making him the fastest running back in this year’s draft. His explosive speed earned him 3,539 rushings yards in 26 games in college. His breakaway speed is world class, and can be effective at any level, including the NFL.

Justice HIll is not your typical NFL running back. At 5’10, 190 lbs, he is not built for a ton of touches, but he will be able to stretch defenses, and turn little holes into big plays. HIll is likely to be picked up in the fourth or fifth rounds, but could go as early as the third round.

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