1 Unbelievable Quote From Antonio Brown That Forces Steelers To Consider Trades


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Antonio Brown

Early Tuesday, Steelers All-Star wide receiver took to Twitter, releasing the following statement.

“Thank you SteelerNation for a big 9 years...time to move on and forward”

In the same 2 hour window, ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported that Antonio Brown and his agent had formally requested a trade from Pittsburgh.

Antonio Brown’s offseason could be made into a movie at this point. First, it was reported that Antonio Brown had skipped showing up for practice and meetings the day before the final game of the season. Just weeks after this incident, Brown took social media, tweeting pictures of himself in a 49ers jersey, as well as praising 49ers legend Jerry Rice. In the same month, Antonio Brown was seen on a video with former Steeler teammate James Harrison, with the pair boasting about an “exclusive” interview that will be the tell-all about Browns situation. All of these shenanigans seemed to be a prerequisite for the inevitable trade request, that was finally formally put in on Tuesday.

It seems as if Antonio Brown has been set on leaving the Steelers for a while now. Steelers tam president Art Rooney II admitted that he had tried to contact Antonio Brown about his future, but was unsuccessful in reaching the wide receiver. Brown will be hard to replace, considering AB84 has been the most productive wide out of the last decade by far. In his nine year career, Brown has caught 837 passes for a total of 11,207 receiving yards, averaging more than 1,000 yards per season. The Steelers will be looking to cash in on Brown, who’s trade market value is uncertain. Yes, Brown produces huge numbers on the field, but he is a off the field liability. As the draft inches closer by the day, expect trade rumors to heat up around Antonio Brown. Considering the weakness of this year’s free agent wide receivers, Brown might be one of the most desired offensive player up for grabs this offseason.

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